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The Paolinelli Network brings together institutions from the academic world and agribusiness for the purpose of coordinating the nomination of Alysson Paolinelli for the Nobel Peace Prize and stimulating the engagement of national and international leaders around his nomination.

To develop its actions, the Network organized itself into two main managing groups – Executive Committee and Coordinating Council, both chaired by the former Ministry of Agriculture, Roberto Rodrigues. And, also, with themed groups, such as the Academic Committee and International Committee.

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Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is granted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, responsible for the rules for the nomination, selection of eligible candidates and choice of winners. It is the only Nobel Prize that takes place outside Sweden, where the prize was created.

The Prize is granted in Oslo, the capital city of Norway, and its Committee is composed of five members appointed by the Norwegian parliament. In recent years, the number of candidates has been exceeding 300/year. The nominations are made by January 31 of each year and the resolutions for the choice of the winner take many months to be made, by October.

Some history

The first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 1901 to Henry Dunant, from Switzerland, for having founded the International Committee of the Red Cross, and to Fréderic Passy, from France, organizer of the first Universal Peace Congress. 

The most recent prize for 2021 was awarded to journalists Maria Ressa (the Philippines) and Dmitry Muratov (Russia) for their efforts in defending freedom of speech. 

To this date, there have been 134 awards to individuals (101) and institutions (25). Among the persons awarded, men represented 83% and women, 17%. Linus Pauling, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 1962 (for his campaign against nuclear tests) was the only person to have won a Nobel Prize twice because he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1954.

Paolinelli in the media

Repercussions of the nomination of Alysson Paolinelli for the Nobel Peace Prize in the general media.