Paolinelli Network

Bringing together major institutions from the academic and agribusiness world, the Paolinelli Network was created with the purpose of coordinating the nomination of Alysson Paolinelli for the Nobel Peace Prize and encouraging the involvement of national and international leaders around her nomination.

There were three Nobel nominations (2021, 2022 and 2023), made by Esalq/USP. And all with great engagement in the country and abroad, which resulted in around 200 letters of support from universities, research institutes and institutions in the agricultural sector, representing 78 countries. Unfortunately, in mid-2023 Paolinelli passed away, not participating in that year’s Nobel selection, whose regulations prohibit posthumous awards.

Eternal inspiration

But in his honor, the Paolinelli Network remains active, reinforcing among young people the pillars of his achievements, valuing the sustainable tropical agriculture that he promoted and talking about his ideas for tomorrow’s agriculture. Paolinelli was a giant in Brazil’s recent history and what we have achieved in the last five decades, as an agricultural power and stalwart of global food security, has his fingerprints. After all, when the vision is visionary and the work developed is monumental, may inspiration last forever.

Bust for Paolinelli at the Primavera do Leste/MT Exhibition Park.

Network in action

It has been three years of intense work by the Paolinelli Network, highlighting its articulation with the press, its integration with the academic sphere in Brazil and abroad, and institutional relations with organized civil society in agriculture. Also the development of seminars, technical dossiers and other publications. Not to mention the massive dissemination through social media and the publication of an awe-inspiring book – “Alysson Paolinelli, the visionary of tropical agriculture”. On this journey for the Nobel Peace Prize for Paolinelli and the dissemination of his legacy, a technical team of more than 20 people was mobilized, including researchers, economists, marketing professionals and specialized journalists, under the leadership of the Paolinelli Network Management Councils.

Paolinelli in the media

Repercussions of the nomination of Alysson Paolinelli for the Nobel Peace Prize in the general media.